One of the most common questions in the equipment needed for a triathlon is the famous tri suit. Today, we explain why this gear for triathlon has become mandatory for a comfortable and efficient practice.


What is a tri suit ?

Let's start at the beginning, a tri suit is a triathlon outfit that allows you to swim, bike and run without having to change. The trifonction is a suit designed specifically for swimming (fast drying), cycling (integrated cycling pad) and running (breathable, lightweight fabric).

What is the added value of a tri suit ?

Technically, tri suits provides a concentrate of technology that will allow the triathlete to experience his sport without any discomfort. This triathlon outfit is generally made of a waterproof fabric that dries quickly. 

It also has an antibacterial cycling pad that will wick away perspiration. This piece of leather will be more or less thick depending on the models and the distance of your triathlon. Unlike a bike short, a cycling pad too thick for a tri suit would be a disadvantage because it would cause friction during the run.

A tri suit for your triathlon avoid having to change during transition phases. Beyond that time, you don't even have to worry about this part and you can fully enjoy your run.


How do you wear your tri suit ?

A tri suit can be worn without underwear underneath. On the other hand, for women, there is the possibility of wearing a bra if the need arises.

The tri suit should not be confused with a neoprene wetsuit. The neoprene suit is only useful for swimming if the water is at a certain temperature. You can (and must) naturally wear your tri suit underneath this neoprene suit.

The tri suit is worn very close to the body for maximum freedom of movement and improved aerodynamics.


What are the essential criteria for choosing a tri suit ?

·       A repellent, waterproof and aerodynamic fabric.

·       A comfortable cycling pad on all distances

·       A fabric with appropriate sun protection

·       A front zip for convenience

·       A tri suit equipped with silicone strips at the bottom of the thighs for a good support.

·       With or without sleeves, according to your preferences;)


How to maintain your tri suit ?

Machine wash cold or at 30 degrees maximum without spin drying, hand washing recommended with a non-aggressive soap. Never machine dry. No dry cleaning or ironing.


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