Are you hesitating to get into triathlon? Here are some of JUJE's arguments that should help you take the plunge!


  • No more one-sport routine

Why not bring a little variety to your sports practice? There are many disciplines derived from triathlon that will allow you to enjoy yourself:

  • Triathlon: Swimming / Cycling / Running 

  • Aquathlon or Swim Run: Swimming / Running

  • Bike and Run: Bike / Running 

From the XS discovery distance to the Ironman® XXL format, there is something for every taste and level!


  •  Limit the risk of injury 

Practicing only one sport makes you constantly work the same muscles. Muscle strengthening in other areas is often overlooked and injuries can occur there.

For example, if you have back problems from running, the cure may come from triathlon.

Varying efforts and natural strengthening of several muscle areas (especially through swimming) can relieve you and help you to train without physical problems.


  •  Amateurs and professionals take part in the same competitions

You are competing in the same competitions as the professionals. No differential treatment! As an amateur athlete, you can even qualify and run with the pros at the world and European championships of the discipline under the Ironman® label. Enough to make the dream come true.


Our tri suits for men and women are suitable for all distances and levels! With or without sleeves, it's up to you to choose the one that will suit you best to get into the big bath!