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Neck wamer JUJE MO1 : Ready for winter !

That's it, this period of the year when it's dark and cold... This time of the year when you rather stay on your couch in front of a Netflix more than to go out to run or ride a bike. But training is training, and the preparation begins now to reach the top on late winter and early spring triathlons. To cheer you up and motivate you in your winter preparation we offer you our new accessory: the JUJE MO1 Neck Warmer !
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Triathlon Suits : All you need to know about tri suits

One of the most common questions in the equipment needed for a triathlon is the famous tri suit. Today, we explain why this gear for triathlon has become mandatory for a comfortable and efficient practice
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Women’s tri suits, how to choose your triathlon outfit?

In the triathlon market, it is often difficult to find your way around when choosing your next tri suit. Style that you don't like, size problem, low quality material,... the drawbacks can be numerous and the selection can quickly turn into a headache! To help you in your choice, JUJE has taken the lead by condensing the main questions of the practitioners and providing an answer to each of them in the creation of our tri suits
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