Our values

JUJE is not just any of triathlon brand. Designed by sport lovers, our priority is to represent our values that motivate us through our actions and creations.

Here we do not underline differences among athletes, here we move forward together. Sport allows us to reach beyond our mental and physical limits and to pull everybody to the same level. This is the message JUJE wants to send across.

We share the same determination. We try, we push back our boundaries, we win, we lose, we start again. JUJE does not care about your level of training. Whether it is your sixth Ironman or your first swim lap, the only thing that counts is to take action and be proud of it.

Do not waste your time fearing other people's judgement, use that time to bring out the best in you.

Next generation

We embody the effort usually necessary to finish a triathlon in our tri suits. We take special care of you and the materials and products we offer you.

This is why our tri suits are made in Europe, they are comfortable and of high-quality, in order to allow you to reach your objectives in the best way possible.

Too often athletes have to choose between stylish and high-performing tri suits. JUJE thinks that design and quality are both fundamental, therefore it proposes a range of tri suits that are modern, like modern age the triathlon is driving into.

If you are still looking for a style that represents you, together with the values you believe in, welcome home. #JUJE