Julien & Jeremy

Our Story : JUJE

It is due to the fact that our creators have been practicing sports since their younger days that JUJE was born. They believe sports and everyday life cannot be separated, in order to find a balance. That balance they looked for in cycling at the beginning, then in running and which they finally found out in the triathlon.

Triathlon is made by persistence, but elegance as well.

Thanks to JUJE every athlete could discover the essence that connects swimming, cycling and running: the flow, the straight, the resilience.

In short, the balance.

Élégance & tenacity

Since triathlon is constantly changing, its brands need to propose products and tri suits which are similarly ever-changing. This is why JUJE is modern and it is made with high-quality materials. The brand’s philosophy is that in triathlon women and men are at unicum with the same objective: go beyond their limits.

With JUJE we decide to go to a new direction and to break the ancient rules. Rather than separate what is similar, we want to establish a new triathlon generation, made for athletes who can finally find a stylish option.

Juje Our Story