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FAQ : Trisuit and Triathlon suit

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Triathlon is a demanding sport that combines swimming, cycling, and running. To excel in these three disciplines, equipment choice is paramount. At the heart of this equipment is the trisuit, a unique outfit designed specifically for triathlon. In this FAQ, we'll answer all your questions about the trisuit: from how to choose it, to how to maintain it, to how to use it.

What is a trisuit?

A trisuit is a one-piece suit specifically designed for triathlon practice. Made from stretchy and hydrophobic technical materials, it effectively replaces the swimsuit, cycling shorts, and running shorts. The trisuit closely fits the body to reduce drag in the water, improve aerodynamics on the bike, and prevent chafing during the run.

How should a triathlon suit fit?

The trisuit should be perfectly fitted to the body to optimize performance. It should not have any folds or loose parts that would hinder hydrodynamics and cause friction. The crotch and armholes should fit the body's shape precisely without compressing. A test in the water is recommended to ensure the suit fits well while swimming.

What to wear under a trisuit?

Most triathletes wear a fitted swimsuit under the trisuit. This provides additional support, absorbs sweat, and maintains modesty in case the suit is transparent. However, some prefer to wear the trisuit directly on the skin when the fabric is opaque enough.

How to choose a triathlon suit?

The choice of trisuit depends on the triathlete's level, budget, water temperature conditions, and a fitting session in a store to find the right size. Beginners can opt for a standard model. In colder water, a thicker and insulating suit is preferable.

What is the purpose of a trisuit?

The trisuit is beneficial for swimming faster due to its smooth texture that offers less resistance in the water. It also protects against cold in water temperatures below 24°C (75.2°F). On the bike, it enhances aerodynamics and comfort with less irritation than a wet swimsuit. During the run, it provides muscle support.

What size triathlon suit should I buy?

To determine your trisuit size, it's necessary to measure the chest, waist, hips, and inseam. Then compare these measurements to the manufacturer's size chart. If in doubt between two sizes, it's better to choose the larger size.

Where do you change into a trisuit before a triathlon?

Before the start of a triathlon, competitors put on their trisuits in the transition area, usually in an individual tent assigned to them. Some athletes arrive already dressed under their cycling outfit. The change should be done quickly, so practicing removing the suit is recommended.

What is the difference between a trisuit and a diving suit?

Unlike the diving suit which is waterproof, the trisuit is designed to allow water to pass through. It sticks to the skin, and the seams are assembled "flat" to avoid bulk. The trisuit is lighter, more flexible, and aerodynamic than the thick diving suit.

Wearing a trisuit is recommended when the water temperature is below 22-24°C (71.6-75.2°F) according to current regulations. The suit then provides the necessary thermal insulation. However, many triathletes also wear it in higher temperatures to improve their swimming performance.

Do professionals wear a triathlon suit for the swimming part of the triathlon?

Yes, the vast majority of professional triathletes wear a suit for the swimming section, even when it's not mandatory. Besides the thermal aspect, it saves them an average of 2 to 3 minutes in this section thanks to the hydrodynamic qualities of the trisuit.

What is the effect of the trisuit?

The trisuit allows for faster swimming by reducing drag in the water. On the bike, it improves aerodynamics and reduces irritation. During running, it supports the muscles and regulates body temperature.

How to wash a triathlon suit?

Triathlon suits should be hand washed with special neoprene soap. It's best to rinse thoroughly with clean water after each use. The trisuit should be dried flat, inside out, and away from sunlight.

When is it allowed to wear a triathlon suit?

Wearing a triathlon suit is generally allowed when the water temperature is below 22-24°C (71.6-75.2°F) according to competition regulations. Some formats may prohibit it beyond this for reasons of sporting fairness.

What is a two-piece trisuit for women?

It's a triathlon suit in two parts - a top and a bottom - allowing better comfort for the female morphology. This two-piece trisuit offers more support and openings facilitating changes.

Why a trisuit instead of a cycling kit?

The trisuit is better suited for the sequence of the three disciplines of triathlon. More aerodynamic, hydrodynamic, and flexible than cycling shorts and a jersey, it allows swimming, cycling, and running in a single outfit.

How to measure the torso for a trisuit?

To get the right chest, waist, and hip measurements for choosing a trisuit, it's recommended to have someone else help and to take the measurements directly on the skin, not over underwear.

How much time does a triathlon suit save you?

When properly fitted, a triathlon suit can save about 2 minutes due to its aerodynamic advantages and 30 seconds during transitions.

How durable is my trisuit?

Although thin and body-hugging, trisuits are durable enough to withstand regular use thanks to materials like neoprene. However, it remains a technical garment to handle with care.

How long does a triathlon suit last?

The lifespan of a trisuit is on average 1 to 3 seasons depending on the frequency of use. High-end models made of innovative materials can last longer. Rinsing and careful drying after each use extend its longevity.

What makes a good triathlon suit?

A good triathlon suit is characterized by a body-hugging fit, hydrodynamic texture, high elasticity for freedom of movement, abrasion resistance, and flat seams.

How much does the trisuit help for swimming?

Thanks to its smooth texture and hydrodynamic profile, the trisuit can improve swimming performance by several minutes. Some athletes gain up to 10% speed compared to a regular swimsuit.

Which triathlon suit to choose?

The suit should be chosen based on the triathlete's level, swimming conditions, and body shape after trying several models from different brands. A beginner doesn't need an ultra-technical model.

What to measure for a trisuit?

To find the right size for a trisuit, it's necessary to precisely measure the chest, waist, hips, and inseam and then refer to the manufacturer's size chart. However, an actual fitting remains essential.

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