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Focus on the Côte d'Amour Marathon

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  1. Presentation of the Côte d'Amour Marathon
  2. What are the different tests?
    1. Marathon
    2. Marathon Relais-Entreprises
    3. Half-Marathon
    4. 10km
    5. 5km
    6. Galopades - Kids Races
  3. How to register for the 2024 edition?

1. Presentation of the Côte d'Amour Marathon

The Côte d'Amour Marathon, regarded as one of the finest marathons in Europe, is a celebration of running in its purest essence. Set in the heart of the Guérande Peninsula, this unique sporting event offers participants an adventure through postcard-worthy scenery, combined with an exploration of the local historical heritage.

The first thing that captures the imagination is the enchanting setting of La Baule with its seafront promenade, renowned beach, and iconic villas nestled in the shade of pine trees. Then the route unfolds, revealing the charming port of Le Pouliguen, the salt marshes and the medieval town of Guérande, before revealing the wild coastline of Le Croisic and Batz sur Mer.

The breathtaking panoramas of the Atlantic coastline provide the backdrop to this unique 42.195km loop, making every stride memorable. With just 109m of positive ascent, the route stands out as one of the fastest in France, promising fierce competition for performance-seeking runners.

Excitement rises a notch with the announcement of the first edition of the Côte d'Amour International Marathon scheduled for 2 and 3 November 2024. This sporting weekend promises to be a carnival for running enthusiasts. There are six different events to choose from, allowing athletes of all ages and abilities to take part. Whether it's the Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half Marathon, 10KM, 5KM, or the Galopades for kids, there's something for everyone.

This marathon is also a gateway to the Guérande Peninsula, allowing participants and their companions to discover or rediscover the treasures of this region. It's an invitation to spend an enjoyable time on one of France's most beautiful coastlines, where sport meets culture in a perfect symbiosis.

In conclusion, the Marathon International de la Côte d'Amour is not just a race, it's an enriching experience. It's an ode to triathlon, a sporting challenge, and a cultural journey that will remain etched in participants' memories long after they've crossed the finish line. The marathon symbolises an adventure where endurance, natural beauty and cultural heritage meet, promising an unforgettable experience for those who are up for the challenge.

2. What are the different tests?

a. Marathon

The exquisite Côte d'Amour plays host to a dazzling marathon competition, which starts on La Baule's seafront promenade, offering panoramic views over the bay of Le Pouliguen. This ultra-rolling course takes you through picturesque communes before coming full circle in La Baule.

As they cover 42.195km, runners will be immersed in a vivid tableau, oscillating between wild coastline and historic heritage. Every kilometre is an invitation to perform, with a positive difference in altitude of just 109m, promising a frantic race for those in search of a personal best.

The experience is enhanced by the salty breeze and enchanting seascape, making this marathon more than just a race, but a picturesque journey into the heart of the natural and cultural beauty of the Côte d'Amour.

b. Marathon Relais-Entreprises

The Marathon Relais-Entreprises de la Côte d'Amour is the ideal event for companies looking to combine team spirit and a passion for sport. Over the legendary distance of 42.195 km, form a team of four and set off to discover a sumptuous setting, oscillating between historical heritage and marine panoramas. Whether you're a novice or an experienced runner, the aim is to contribute to the collective success by taking turns with your team-mates over 8 to 12 km sections. A guaranteed moment of sporting and convivial sharing, enriched by the unique atmosphere of the Côte d'Amour.

c. Half-Marathon

The Côte d'Amour Half Marathon, a journey between land and sea, begins on the promenade of La Baule. Designed for athletes seeking performance and runners looking for fun over a demanding but accessible distance. The route takes you first inland towards Batz sur Mer, then back along the wild coastline, offering breathtaking views of the ocean. The scenery, a mix of heritage and marine nature, provides the inspiration needed to reach the finish line, making this race a stimulating and picturesque challenge.

d. 10km

The 10km de la Côte d'Amour is an invitation to explore the rich history of Guérande, nicknamed the "Carcassonne of the West". As night envelops the town, the runners set off from the Porte Saint-Michel in a festive atmosphere. Under the subdued lights of the street lamps, they make their way through the ancient streets and along the illuminated ramparts, on a journey through time and medieval architecture. This unique night race offers an electrifying atmosphere and a memorable route through Guérande's centuries-old heritage, making the 10km de la Côte d'Amour an incomparable experience.

e. 5km

The Côte d'Amour 5km is a celebration of running accessible to all, runners and walkers alike. In the subdued atmosphere of dusk, participants set off to discover the fortified town of Guérande, under the glow of urban lighting. Much more than a race, this route is a lively walk through history, offering a nocturnal tour of the heritage of the "Carcassonne of the West". In a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, everyone proceeds at their own pace, making this event an integral part of the grandiose celebration of running on the Côte d'Amour.

f. Galopades - Kids Races

Les Galopades de la Côte d'Amour offers young athletes, aged 3 to 13, a chance to shine in an enchanting medieval setting in Guérande. With specific distances for each age group, these children's races give little champions the chance to experience a sporting adventure at the foot of the historic ramparts. Sous la supervision attentive de l'organisation, les parcours balisés garantissent une expérience sûre et mémorable. À l'arrivée, chaque jeune coureur est célébré avec une récompense, faisant des Galopades un évènement où l'enthousiasme infantile rencontre la joie de la compétition.

3. How to register for the 2024 edition?

The next edition will take place on 2 & 3 NOVEMBER 2024. You can register on the waiting list..

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